FINAL BOOGIE EP in digital stores NOW

I got fed up of performing alone. So I started playing with close friends, who live far away. Then, out of the glue, Merriment and Dirt emerged. It’s a band with people from all around the globe – Helsinki and London to be specific. We don’t see each other much, and that’s what makes the band a total success.

Merriment and Dirt recorded their first EP in Resident Studios in North London, close to where drummer Budi and guitarist and backup vocalist K.C. McKanzie of the band reside – both of them outstanding musicians and friends. Everything went coherently smoothly, which was an entirely new experience for me. I took it as a good sign. We were lucky to work with the sound engineer Joe Watson, who in an easy going but dedicated way made everything sound powerful, yet in no way overproduced. In the mastering process, Tim Turan made the songs as balanced and loud as we could dream of.

Merriment and Dirt’s first EP “Final Boogie” consists of three songs: Little Worries, Limit and Final Boogie. All three songs cruise around two very sensitive, yet important subjects: the vast impossibility to grasp what’s going on and the end of the world. Or as they say in French: la fin du monde.

The EP is out on Netflix, Amazon, Spotify and the like. You can also listen to the songs on our Bandcamp site:

If you are into visual stimulus, you should watch our video:

Listen to Merriment and Dirt, because Merriment and Dirt speak the truth!